New Year in Praia da Mariquita - Let's dance until dawn.

31/08/2018 19:41
Enjoy a lively and family environment, from December 28th to January 1st, reserving a 4 day vacation at Praia da Mariquita.The New Year's Eve dinner, obligatory for all guests, consists of a barbecue at Buraco do Fogo, with a buffet of accompaniments, starters, seafood and desserts.Ask for your...

Christmas in Praia da Mariquita

31/08/2018 19:31
Enjoy a quiet and family environment, between the 21st and the 25th December, reserving 4 days  vacation at Praia da Mariquita.The Christmas dinner (on December 24th) consisting of starters, fish and meat dishes, seafood and desserts. It is mandatory for all guests.Ask for your budget now...