In Praia da Mariquita you will enjoy a quiet environment by the sea, where you will find:
- Comfortable accommodation
- The most varied meals served in our dining room for our guests
- Delicious cocktails served at the pool bar or in the panoramic jacuzzis
- Water sports
- Mini golf
- Playground for squash, tennis, football, handball and basketball

It has also the artisanal fishery with the sale of fish and the tourists, if they want, can participate in this work.

Come to our beach and enjoy our facilities. Our professionals are attentive to your needs. Here you will find the wellness and comfort you are looking for. Our list of facilities is diverse.


Accommodation and Tourism

Bungalows, for 2 adults in the room and 2 children up to 12 years old in the living room

Room for 2 people

Dining room for guests

Fishing                                                     Water Sports

Artisanal Fishing

Sport Fishing